About Us

Why Industrial Plastics of Mpls., Inc.?

Industrial Plastics of Mpls., Inc. also known as IPM has been building injection molds and molding plastic parts since 1956. We are the hidden gem of the industry. We are small enough to give very dedicated support and service yet experienced enough to guide you through the process with the peace of mind you deserve.

IPM, in her third generation of injection molding experts, will take you step by step from an idea to a finished product. In fact, the sooner you involve us in your project development, the better. Whether you have your own engineers or not, including us early will most likely save you time and money. There may be a big difference in little changes that impact the mold ability of your design. It could make the tool more costly than needed. Or you may not have features needed for following good molding principal guidelines.

Examples are:

  • Do you have enough draft for mold release?
  • Are the wall sections too thick or too thin?
  • What material would be acceptable for my part?

These and many other questions will be addressed as we assess your injection molded part.

Our success is measured by our dedication and participation in the success of our customers. We believe that our customer should be better and more profitable by doing business with us.

At IPM the words “Continuous Improvement” are not just words that reside on a wall or inside marketing material. These words remind us every day that there has got to be a better way. They remind us that we need to search for that better way and they remind us that once we find a better way, the search doesn’t end, the search begins again. Because “There has got to be a better way”.